Call our licensed & insured Chicago board-up service and a team member will gather the required details needed about your emergency window needs. We service all areas in Chicago and the suburbs for residential and commercial board-up solutions. We have the ability to come out on site to provide your local emergency board-up service you can call us or send over some photos and sizes for a no obligation free estimate from the team at M & J.

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We have been in business providing residential and commercial services for many years and will assist you in a wide variety of different ways when it comes to putting up boards, fixing your damaged glass or replacing you hardware components that allow your window to operate correctly. For an easy quote you can simply send in some pictures and sizes of the damage and a team member will get back to you quickly.

Commercial and Residential Service

Our company is standing by and ready to respond! We supply your emergency small commercial board-up needs and glass services in and around the Chicago area and suburbs. We handle all of your needs and utilize high quality water resistance board-up material for peace of mind. Our team is able to complete any residential or commercial service quickly and efficiently and our team is licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Illinois.

If you need to speak to someone about a commercial property that has extensive needs or emergency services you can just give us a call and someone from our company will assist you quickly. If you need more than just an initial quote then our project management team will provide the answers.

There are many ways that you can use the services that we provide including:

– an immediate emergency response service with a dedicated 24-hour team

– safety glass installation into your storefront

– free on-site inspections for all your commercial property for your peace of mind

After a Board-up

We also provide complete glass repair services and window repair in the Chicago area. We handle your board-up and then the glass replacement that may be required after the fact. We provide both single pane and double pane units custom manufactured to the size that you need installed. Our team can also manufacture your single pane or double pane tempered units as well as plexi glass service. Call today to see how we can assist you.

As a local company, we are happy to service your needs from homeowners, condominiums and apartment complexes in the both the downtown and suburban areas of Chicago. If you are looking for a service you can trust, check out our service history on google. If your home or business is destroyed in a fire, we also offer emergency fire board-up services of any damaged windows with the same superior security, strength of our normal services.

Complete Board-up and Glass

After a board-up we offer glass installation service for your broken single, double or tempered units for a wide variety of window styles. We can come out and replace any damaged window hardware and have the ability to check or inspect any issues including the parts that allow your window to function correctly and replace them as needed. Our team also offers full service for screens, patio doors and storm windows custom made to the size that you may require.

Our customers find us to be incredibly friendly, helpful and most of all to be competent at what we do. Our entire staff is trained to ensure that all of your needs are met. We will match your house with our custom made glass as close as humanly possible, which includes our inspection of your current glass to insure there are no differences in tint or type. We also offer replacement glazing units in tempered if you are in need of one. You can see by the photos that our glass is done to our highest standards and that you are receiving the kind of glass you will be happy with in the future.