Windows make up a very important part of the household investment. Understanding the dynamics of home window parts, window cranks, window latches, window hardware etc involves an extensive study. However, familiarizing yourself with the basics is a good start to solving most of your bungalow problems. Home window replacement parts come in various shapes and sizes. There are literally thousands of window parts and hardware available to choose from ranging from replacement glass to wooden frame parts. However, let us first get down to the nitty-gritty with ones that we are not mostly familiar with.

Window Pulls

Choosing from an extensive selection of decorative window pull sand sash lifts provide the perfect finishing touch to your home window replacement project. Window pulls and sash lifts may either be in the option of heavy duty brass or cast iron and may match up with your choice for windows with blinds, as well as interior shutters.

Window Cranks

Inspecting old window cranks for damage, and worn-out and missing splines on the crank stud means that you might have to replace the entire crank operator. There are mainly two types of cranks:

1. Casement
2. Awning

Casement cranks hinge at the side and open out from the other side in a 3D type effect. While Awning cranks hinge at the top and open out from the bottom in a similar type of effect.

Sash Locks

Similar to sash lift and window pull options as mentioned earlier, faithful window locks come in a variety of styles ranging from brass to cast iron as well. Durable sash window locks keep your windows tightly closed and secure.

Window Latches

Casement window latches feature similar selections of solid brass and cast iron. Choosing from replacement options ranging in different styles means selecting either from vertical and pivoting style levers, casement fastener bolts or ring handles; each being unique to their own style and look.

Hanging Fasteners and Numbered Tacks

1. “Hanging fasteners” maybe needed for your antique screen or storm window restoration or replacement project. Window screen hangers hold window screens tightly in place and allow storms to open.

2. “Numbered Tacks” let you easily match screens or storms to the right window frame. These are easy to install and are in the form of Acro numbering tacks made of white brass alloy.

Shutter Hardware and Shutter Parts

Shutter hardware and parts come in various kinds and types as well. “Shutter hinges”, “shutter dogs” and “shutter fasteners” are both beautiful and functional and replacing them with old hardware signifies the very details that make your home special. Offered in classic iron, stainless steel and aluminum, these varieties hold back and tightly fasten your shutters tightly.

Replacing the right window parts and hardware means that you need to have a good know-how understanding of window replacement parts. Doing so properly might be the greatest ever challenge, however once you get started with the easy ones there is no stopping you from achieving for your home ultimate window perfection!

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