You’re considering to get yourself new sets of windows to replace the old ones you have at home and you think just what types of replacement windows would be able to offer you. Windows are the most vulnerable point in a home for heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. As you browse around, looking for the perfect new windows for your house, here’s some info on the different types of windows to help you decide on the windows that best suit your house.

We service many areas of Chicago and Suburbs.

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We service many styles of windows.

  • Stationary or Single Hung: If you’re thinking of getting windows that do not need to be opened, then this is a perfect choice. These windows are usually fixed at the higher parts of the house and do not require opening.
  • Double Hung: This is the ordinary type of house windows. Imagine the old wooden windows that need extra effort to slide up; this is double hung. It has double sashes that can go up and down. Usually, these types of windows only allow half of the part to be opened at a time.
  • Sliding: These windows move on tracks which are on the top and bottom of the window. These are very common today and also can be very reasonably priced.
  • Casement: This window has hinged on the side which enables them to swing out. A hand crank operates them.
  • Picture: A picture window is the larger version of fixed windows bounded with two double hung windows or two casement windows.


Q: Can a window be replaced with a different type of window?

A: Definitely, often when someone wants to renovate their house, they always end up changing to a different type of windows as well. For example, if your home are currently fixed with double hung windows, you may want to try replacing them with sliding windows.

Q: What do I do to clean my windows thoroughly?

A: You should first use a soft cloth and remove any loose debris from the window. Then use a cleaner, such as vinegar and water, and with a soft cloth wipe the window in a circular motion from top to bottom. Use another dry soft cloth to dry the window. It’s a good idea to clean your windows on dry days but not in the direct sunlight but preferably overcast. This will help prevent the cleaner from streaking your windows.

You may decide on new windows or you may choose window repair; Professionals have everything you will require. As you look for windows, get advice from a few different sources to ensure you are getting the best information and so that you get the best value for your money. Every home is unique and each window solution we offer is crafted to your specific needs. It usually makes sense to repair when the damage to a window has spotty damage and replace only when the window is non-repairable. All homes are individual and for specific advice tailored to your home call a window professional for a free onsite evaluation.