Wood Windows

A Chicago wood windows repair may seem complicated to accomplish, but they are simple. One just needs to take care of the broken glass since it can give a bad cut, and also use putty to seal the joints between the glass and the wood.

Removing broken glass

Start by removing all the broken glass. Make sure you wear hand gloves when handling the broken pieces of glass to avoid cuts. If you are using the old wooden frame, start by removing the old putty before the glass.

Use a putty knife or a chisel to remove the old putty. Start by removing the one near the wood instead of the one near the glass. If the putty is firmly attached, carefully use a chisel making sure not to gouge the wooden frame. Use a sharp scraper to scrape all the loose putty ensuring the wood is bright and exposed.

Chicago wood window repair

chicago wooden window repair

This the time for your Chicago wood window repair that you take to prepare and set your window to ensure all the substances stick at the right places. A well maintained wood window is durable than a poorly done window. The first step involves cleaning the wood to remove old paint. Primer works on both new and old wood. For a smoother surface, you can use sandpaper to smoothen the wooden surfaces. Once the wood is smooth, and all paint has been removed, paint the wood with the primer. This is because putty sticks well on well-prepared surfaces. Both oil and water based primers can be used depending on one’s preferences.

Installing glass

Measure the size of the glass needed with a tape measure and determine the exact length and width of the glass before purchasing from the stores. The glass can only be installed if the primer on the frame has completely dried.

Setting bead

Setting bead involves applying a thin layer of the putty on the grooves that the glass will rest on. Setting helps eliminate or seal out moisture and drafts. The thickness of the putty should be uniform to prevent the glass from cracking when pressed.

Install the glass.

Lastly, install the glass between the frames push points to hold the glass firmly. Let the window dry for like six to seven days to allow the putty to form a skin. After everything has dried, paint your wooden window and wait for the paint to dry off. Then clean the window to remove dried up putty and fingerprints.

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