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Many double-glazed windows in Bellwood, Illinois especially those going for cheaper prices are at a risk of experiencing spontaneous cracking although its rare, at any period of the year a window can suddenly collapse inward resulting in an unexpected shatter effect. But then what triggers the happening of this phenomenon? At times it may see like the crack was own window initiated but there are reasons underlying for such happening. So as to understand the various factors which might be causing the crack, it is important to get an understanding of how the double glazing windows work.

How double glazing windows work

A double glazing is a case where there are two glass sheets placed either side of some vacuum or inert gas layer through which it is difficulty for heat to move. This then creates a barrier in which heat is contained and thereby maintain the home at favorable temperatures also cutting down on energy costs.

Double-glazed window can be defined as sealed unit that implies that the pressure within the window remains constant despite of the air pressure on the glass side. The glass at times cannot withstand high pressure from the outside and hence result in stress cracks. Most breakages of double glazing occur during winter since the temperature is always too low and hence use of additional heating. The additional heating causes bigger temperature difference between the sides of the window glass hence cracks.

Factors which trigger breaking of double-glazed windows

  • Aspect ratio
  • Manufacturing error
  • Scratches
  • Humidity and temperature
  • Glass strength

Windows either of round shape or square shape tend to be at lower risk of breaking. The reason behind this is the flexibility of such shapes. Shorter glass panes as compared to the larger ones have less flexing opportunity. A narrow, tall window on the other hand will be at highest risk of breaking. The technology of coming up with the double-glazed type of windows is still tight and requires some precise engineering so as to make it right. At the manufacturing stage, there are various environmental factors and practices which should be taken into account else the windows will be short-lived.

Bellwood Glass

Coming up with windows involves cutting the glass which is inevitable. However, importantly the cuts should only occur precisely only where they should be even the tiny mistake crack at the middle of the window can cause weak point. Beveled glass for instance involve more complex cuts and hence are at a higher risk. Like mentioned above, differences in temperature between the sides is a lead cause of breakage. Also the temperature of the unit gas has impact. If the window was made in a day of low atmospheric pressure preferably summer time, during winter most likely the window will break.

With humidity, the case is similar. Manufacturers use a substance called desiccant from absorbing moisture as well as preventing droplets from condensation from forming on the window’s inside. The pressure is also affected. And like the temperature, changes in humidity days will affect the level of breakage risk. Definitely if a glass is sufficiently strong it is less likely to crack. A thicker glass sheet is more resistant when stress cracks are induced compared to thin glass sheets. Contact us for a quote today by filling out a service form or at 708-381-0820.