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Homeowners with cracked glass window is very important that the window be replaced or repaired immediately so as to avoid any further damages or injuries. For you to have a knowledge of window cracks and how to repair the window cracks it is important to understand the different window crack types, how they appear and how you can prevent such cracks.

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For the last several years the double-glazed window panes have become the minimal option to develop on. These units are strongly built so as to withstand swings in temperature. Did you know that about 25% of the heat lost in your house the windows are responsible? Therefore, your windows should never remain at any disrepair state as they aid in reducing energy loss cost. There are some signs which can indicate that a window pane is out of age. Such signs include:

  • Broken or distorted panes
  • Condensation in between the window panes
  • Milky appearance on the glass pane.

Types of Common Window Cracks

1. Impact cracks

These type of cracks are characterized of cracks which originate from the middle of the glass window forming a pattern the shape of starburst. The main cause of these cracks are foreign object which come into contact with the pane of the window. In case you suspect the damage on your window is as a result of impact, figure out the possibility of any hazards in the nearby which could be a cause. To curb such hazards, you can install guards around your windows, trim any branches in the nearby or direct children to play away from windows.

2. Thermal stress cracks

These mostly occur in the glass windows strengthened with heat. It begins at the glass edge and distribute their cracks throughout the window pane in unorderly manner. Most at times, such cracks are effects of window pane design flaw. Also, these cracks can be caused by extreme or sudden fluctuation sin temperature or sudden changes of shading close to the window.

3. Pressure cracks

Double-glazed window glass can at times develop these type of cracks if installed either at low or high elevations. Drastic changes in pressure due to weather change can cause pressure cracks. The cracks are of the hourglass shape.

4. Edge damage

This results in cracks with similar pattern as that of thermal stress cracks. To distinguish the two, you should examine carefully the window pane edges for any oyster-like chips. It is not as easy to find the chips sometimes and often the chips are located below the pane’s primary seal.

Berkeley Window Glass

The extent to which the window pane is damaged and the crack type determine whether your window needs replacement or repair. With Berkeley window repair from M&J, the option is cost friendly and also aims at improving both appearance and functionality of the window. Always remember that windows in good appearance and functionality are a big selling point of your home. Even when you are not planning of leaving the home or selling it out, it never at any point hurts to have a good investment as your home. Choose windows which will also add value to your home during window repair.