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Double-glazed windows are windows created using two glass sheets which are sealed using an insulating vacuum in between. The gap either is filled using inert gas and vacuum.

Causes of breakage of double glazed seals

The seals can break due to several reasons. The most common however is tear and wear as the unit ages. Continuous temperature changes cause size fluctuations of the unit since with warmth the glass expands and contracts when it is cold. Such changes over given period of time can loosen hence damages the window seals.

Also using strong products to clean the windows can also damage the seals. So even if the seals should be cleaned to maintain cleanliness, ensure that you use products which are not as chemically abrasive.

Other things which can lead to failing of the windows could be faulty installations and faulty methods of production. Ensure your window is installed by a professional who will take into account all the factors. The installer as well will fill a receipt and certificate which you should keep safe.

When the perimeter seal begins to fade away the moisture then starts getting into the unit. Normally, within the vacuum is silica strip which absorbs any moisture while separating the units. However, without the seal the mist increases and results in the whole unit becoming misted hence the whole unit starts cracking.

After the window seals are damaged and not working, there is always a very big likelihood of experiencing breakage of the windows. Breakage can be dangerous and also calls for some important measures which could either be calling a company such as M&J for Elmhurst window repair or replacement of the entire window.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to establish the cause of glass breakage. For instance, something very simple like a ball placed on the ground and kids coming to it and taking it for playing is already a risk exposure to the glass windows. Breakage is of many types. Below are the common types of window glass breakage:

Impact breakage

Its well-known that glass tends to break so fast and once it has broken its nothing good. For instance, a breakage caused by ball from playing children will have different impact depending on the mass and speed with which the ball hits the window glass. Also the ball’s thickness and size will have some impact. A breakage from impact of the glass with something results in something like a crack distributing from a central position.

Edge breakage

This results in cracks with similar pattern as that of thermal stress cracks. To distinguish the two, you should examine carefully the window pane edges for any oyster-like chips. It is not as easy to find the chips sometimes and often the chips are located below the pane’s primary seal.

Thermal stress breakage

These mostly occur in the glass windows strengthened with heat. It begins at the glass edge and distribute their cracks throughout the window pane in unorderly manner. Most at times, such cracks are effects of window pane design flaw. Also, these cracks can be caused by extreme or sudden fluctuation sin temperature or sudden changes of shading close to the window.