Hillside Window Repair

M and J provides complete Hillside window repair services for your new glass, window replacement hardware, screens and custom manufactured storm windows. We can come out on location to perform a comprehensive estimate of what you need repaired or provide you a quick rough quote via email. Just give us a call or send over a service form today!

Hillside Window Repair


In a repairing job, the expert will try to salvage as much as they can without having to replace the whole damaged object. In the case of windows, this will help you save up your money which you would have used up on buying expensive replacements. The procedures used in Hillside Window Repair solutions are very similar regardless of the size, style, shape, and type of window.

To make it simple for homeowners to understand what issues require repairs and which ones will need replacement as the better option. In the case of broken sash windows and window sills, repairs can be quickly done. However, for the casement windows, glass windows, and corner joints, the replacements will not be suitable as replacing it.

To help solve your problems, you can hire an expert in this type of repairs. However, you may try and address some of these problems on your own. If you do it for the first time, it may be tough due to your lack of skills and experience. Homeowners who have taken part in DIY projects will be more capable of solving their problems.

There are some common problems you will experience at home that you can solve on your own without having to hire an expert. The main issues are broken glass and failure of the windows to open or close. To solve this, you will require basic knowledge about the window. If you try to repair the windows and still fail, you are recommended to hire an expert before you cause more damage.

When repairing broken windows, remove the sash first and cover the glass with a towel then break it. You then take out the metal fasteners and broken glass fragments. Then onto the frame perimeter, apply a paint primer which dries very fast and a thin bead of caulk. Insert the glass back, coat it with a glazing compound then insert the sash too. Remove the excess compound and leave the windows to dry off in a week before applying any paint on it.

Repairing windows that fail to open is relatively easy as you will only need a mallet and putty knife. The knife will be wedged in between the window and inside the frame; then the knife is hit using the mallet to exert a force that will cause the window to open. Although, most windows may fail to open, ensure that all the locks are opened, and they are not the cause of the problem before trying out this procedure.

To deal with windows that cannot close, you should examine the side of the window for any defects example on the hinges and separators. Often this issue is caused by a defect that can be quickly repaired by anyone. For any window damage, there are two main options, Hillside window repair or replacement, as the owner you should determine which works best for you.

Having proper working windows for your home is essential to help provide security, allow fresh air into the home and also allow you to have a beautiful view of the surroundings outside. Most windows will have metal bars thus inhibiting illegal entry to ensure total security. For any damages to your windows, you need to replace or repair effectively either on your own or by an expert.

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