We provide complete Melrose Park window repair services along with custom cut glass, new thermal panes, manufactured window screens, patio screen door re-screens and storm windows. If you need a on-site quote just give us a call or fill out a simple service request form along with a few pictures of your windows for a rough quote on the work via e-mail. Often times we encounter the problem whereby your windows are foggy, leaky, cold, or basically not functioning as they should, you may wonder: do I repair or replace it? Of the two options the best is usually hard to know.

melrose park window repair


In the old school way, when something was broken, it was fixed and by this it means repaired not disregarded and a completely new one fixed. The trend nowadays is to remove, trash, and have the windows replaced. This is more so with windows of wooden-frames which are now being replaced with new materials such as vinyl, fiberglass or metal options instead of having existing Melrose Park window repair. As a result this trend has motivated a vast improvement in the manufacture of these materials in mass which has resulted in lower prices that are passed on to consumers.
In so being it is important to know just how to go about your window repairs to be able to make good use of the vast materials out there you can use for your repairs.
How to replace..
1. Glass in Screen Windows
Storm and screen windows are common troublemakers, part of the reason being because they are usually of substandard quality and is likely that it may have been installed in haste. You can at times—but not all the time—buy replacement parts; but note that manufacturers are regional so they may at times not be in business. For those who are lucky to do so, it is easy to replace the glass. It just takes three steps to have your Screen windows as good as new.
2. Screening in Wooden Frames
Wood framed storm and screen windows may be traditional but this old-fashion lasts many decades and still seal effectively if they are maintained properly. For rotted wood it can be repaired using an epoxy filler, while missing or broken screen are easy to replace. All it takes is a little bit of work and you will end up saving yourself a vintage window and money.
3. Screening in a Metal Frame
No need to fret when your storm window screen tears. It will only take you no more than two hours of work to get your window as good as new! It is ideal to replace screening in a metal frame because with metal there is no longer a need to worry about rot like it was with a wooden frame. All you have to do is cut the new size of the screen and using a spine roller have it tucked it into place.
4. A Corner Joint
Often you get to see that screen a sash loosening at the corners and it is because they are low-quality. This is more noticeable in aged window units. You do not have to replace the whole window; you can do it yourself and apply some handyman skills on replace the corner joints. Pry open the joint, fit in the new filling, them have thee frame gently reassembled.
Given that most windows are located on the outside of your home, they may damage or rot more as they are exposed to the elements. A quick repair may just save you from a must costlier eventuality. Need a window service professional? Call M&J today or submit a service request form on our website and we can provide you a quote!