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Window Repair: Home Windows
If there is one thing that has the potential of seriously affecting your home in a not so good way is a broken window. It can take a huge toll on your personal area, especially in the event of extreme weather. In this guide I am going to walk you through some ways to fix common window problems to help you redeem the coziness of your home.
You don’t have to put up with some of the common window problems such as windows that are hard to open, those that slam down unexpectedly, or the ones that leaks air. It is possible to repair most of these windows making them as good as new.
There is often the assumption that with aged double-hung wood window are supposed to be so as to achieve a long-term energy efficiency. Before you embark on replacing that venerable window have a consideration of the following:
Double-hung windows that use chains or ropes that have been attached to sash weights are aged given their old fashion nature, but provided that there are proper maintenance practices after a decade or so the weight system can even last for up to a century or two. The newer versions of windows are often complex hence harder to repair.
But with older windows there is the single glazing that doesn’t insulate and there is also double glazing. However, much of the energy losses are usually through those gaps seen between the sashes and a frame or the house; therefore the issue of energy being lost through the glass is negligible.
Much of the insulation can be achieved by including a good-quality storm window hence double glazing, and also some added protection against air infiltrating through the gaps. Another step you can take is weather stripping your window, which will ensure that you end up with a window whose sealing is as good as a new one—at a minimal cost.
Some of the basic repairs you can embark on your self are:
Replacing Window Glass
A stray branch during a storm or a rogue ball can seriously damage your glass window. Once you have cleaned up the broken glass, get to work on the window replacement. This is how
Repairing Casement Windows
Casement windows have a hinge attaching the sash to the frame. Use a crank to pry it open so that the window opens away from you. In scenarios where the casement is hard to operate, the simplest solution is to clean and lubricate the gears in the moving metal parts.
Repairing Sliding Windows
Sliding (also gliding) windows have sashes sliding along the top and bottom metal tracks of the frame. However, these tracks often have problems such as dirt clumped up at the bottom track necessitating repairs that are more invasive.
As for the broken parts, they have to be replaced by taking a close up picture of a tape measure measuring the length and width so as you have a better perspective when you visit the hardware store with a sample of the broken window.
All in all as you have seen River Forest window repair does not have to be complicated, so get started on that pesky broken window and regain your comfy home.