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river grove window repair


Windows are essential components of our houses. They not only allow projection of natural light into our living space and facilitate outside view, but they also give the house an attractive look. However, when your window wears out or gets dilapidated, they can become a liability. For this reason, identifying some signs that indicate that your window needs to be replaced is crucial. Here are some signs you should look out for:

Cracked or Broken Glass

One of the most visible signs that show your window need replacement is decaying cracked or broken window glass. The most common cause of window pane cracks and breakages is contacted by moving or flying objects. Window glasses can also crack as a result of structural defects such as thermal stress, or minor damages in the cutting stage which cause chipped edges that later develop into larger cracks. You need to have these small cracks repaired by experts to prevent them from extending further.

Rotting down wooden windows

Rotting down of wooden windows is a characteristic that it is wearing out. The wooden parts of windows such as frames are exposed to atmospheric conditions such as moisture, heat, and abrasive. Prolonged exposure to such conditions results in the rotting down of the wooden parts as well as wearing out of putty and paint, which are a sign that your window needs to be repaired.

Fogging in glass window panes

Modern window glasses are made using two or three panes of glass that are joined together using seals that trap vacuum or inert gases between the panes. Sometimes, the periodic exposure of such glasses to thermal conditions can destroy the seals and results in oxidation of the gases trapped. This leads to fogging in-between the panes. Thus, if you’re unable to see through the glass as you used to before, then you should have your windowpanes replaced.

Hard to open windows

Windows may look perfectly okay until you try to open them. If you notice that the energy required to open them is more than reasonably normal, it is a sign that your window needs repair. Possible causes of hard to open windows are dirty sash gaps or damaged window parts.

Cold air leaks

Modern windows with several panes of glass are made with seals that prevent external climatic conditions from affecting the indoor atmosphere. During times of harsh weather conditions such as wind and cold, the interior of the house should remain warm and regulated as long as the windows remain closed. If cold gusts of air are experienced inside the house during cold weather, it is an indication of the presence of spaces between window parts, which needs to be repaired.


Stand by the window for a minute and wait for a vehicle to drive by. Can you hear it coming? Well, double-pane windows or even single-pane windows will transfer the vibrations of the sound into your house. A good energy efficient window will absorb the sound waves before getting to the inside, but if it doesn’t, you need to have it replaced.

Having us come out to perform River Grove window repair services is an important aspect of home management. Cracked or broken glasses, rotten wooden frames, fogging in window panes, hard to open windows and cold air leaks are all signs that window repair is required.